Saracen roller locking window mechanism. Old style Saracen Gearbox (Works in conjunction with shoot bolt rods)
The Saracen Roller Bolt on the gear box is 9.5 mm in height from the shoulder below. Product code ERG001

The sequence for removal of a gearbox from a window is as follows:
1 Remove the corner brackets on the window sash, found where the shoot bolts protrude. You cannot remove the shoot bolt rods before taking off the corner brackets.
2 Unscrew the shoot bolt rods in an anti clockwise direction until they come free from the gearbox and slide out of the window sash..
3 Unscrew the screws from the window handle.
4 withdraw the gearbox from the window sash
Once the handle has been removed and the shoot bolts rods unscrewed, the gearbox can be removed from the window and replaced.
Installation involves doing the above sequence in reverse

If the sequence is not followed the gearbox and a rod or both rods can become embedded within the window making extraction of gear box more difficult.

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Child Window Restrictors

KD Supplies sells several child window restrictors, also known as ‘child safety restrictors’. child window restrictorsFollowing an alarming number of accidents involving people falling out of windows, most worryingly is the increase in child injuries even fatalities, local Health & Safety Officials & Government Departments have issued warnings to both care facilities and homeowners alike to be wary of the risks involved with unsecured windows and balcony doors.

Traditional window restrictors are either rebate mounted and rely on the continuity of the window working cavity. Rarely is the window maintained to this level or they take the form of face mounted passive blocking devices that are no more robust than a cupboard latch.

These restrictors solve the problem, are simple to operate by means of key locking or push to release button and are easily installed by the homeowner or in-house maintenance department. There is also no need for bespoke hardware to suit the window cavity dimensions.

Our Cable Window Restrictors

  • This is a lockable child window restrictor in black. It has a cable length of 200mm and can be used on UPVC, aluminium and timber windows and doors. This window restrictor is used for child safety, to enable the window to be open for ventilation while safely ‘restricted’ so the child cannot open the window. It is a lockable window restrictor and is supplied with a key (and 4 screw cover caps).

    Slim attractive design that folds down parallel with the window when the cable is engaged. When the cable is engaged it can be used in two positions. a) When unlocked – push button to release cable and open window fully b) lock by key to deadlock and restrict window opening.

    Meets BS8213 – “to restrict windows in public areas”
    Meets BS5588 – regarding “egress opening private dwelling”. Exceeds BS6375 Pt2 “Strength and durability testing” by more than double the required standard at 1200 Newtons.

    • Fits aluminium, Pvcu and timber window and door frames
    • Fits conventional opening windows or sliding sash windows
    • Can be used as a door chain or a hold back for gates and doors to prevent them being blown closed
    • Diecast alloy lock and slave body
    • 6×6 close wound steel cable with white heat shrunk durable plastic cable sleeving

For Extra Safety Use Child Window Restrictors

Regardless of the window type there should never be an instance where a vulnerable child or adult has access to a window opening greater than 4 inches (10cm).

Fensters’ WSR TM. not only provides the recommended safe maximum opening but it does it by means of a child proof locking device. The lock can be key dead locked or left in the push to release mode – requiring a two handed operation to release the plastic coated, high tensile steel cable.

Safe limitation of your window opening to a maximum of 4 inches (10cm).

Child safe locking system

Designed to withstand a minimum operating force of of 1,200 Newtons (twice the BS accepted standard of 600 Newtons)
The robust design of the window safety restrictor ensures that the cable cannot be cut without the use of specialist tools – an important consideration in the situations where the unit is likely to be of greatest value. Aesthetically, it boasts a slim, attractive design that not only fits all situations, and the clean modern lines blend well with existing windows

Our window restrictors are available with the following features:

  • White or black heat shrunk durable plastic cable sleeving
  • White or black cast body finishes as standard
  • All standard RAL finishes available as options
  • Any cable length available as an option manufactured to ISO9001:2000
  • Meets BS8213 – to restrict all windows in public areas
  • Meets BS5588 – regarding egress from private dwellings
  • Exceeds BS6375 Pt2. – strength and durability testing by more than double the required standard at 1,200 Newtons

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