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Sliding Patio Door Handles

We stock a range of sliding patio door handles – Fuhr, Fullex, Nitelock, Schlegal – for upvc sliding patio doors. We also stock sliding patio door locks, runners and patio door tracks.

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  • Sold as a pair these Fullex patio door handles in white are used for sliding patio doors. There is space for a patio door lock, the lock is sold separately. Please note that the new handles have no cut out to put your fingers through the grip on the handle. The new handle has a solid grip handle that is closed so your fingers cannot be put through the handle.

    This black patio door handle is manufactured by Schlegal, and is made of black ABS, it has space for an integral lock (please note the lock case must be purchased separately).

    Handle / lock Operation

    The round pin on the lock case depresses when it hits the striker plate on the frame, this allows the patio door handle lever to be lifted. Lifting of the handle moves the two mushroom shaped bolts, this engages the mushroom bolts into the keep on the frame. Turn the key to complete locking of the door. Opening the lock is the reverse.

    Locks that can be purchased with this item are listed below, each lock case is supplied with two mushroom pins.

    Each lock case has letters stamped on the side. This determines the back set size of the lock case. Please see below.
    Product code SPL001 = 15.5mm Backset – Lock Case marked MA
    Product code SPL002 = 18.5mm Backset – Lock Case marked MB
    Product code SPL003 = 22.5mm Backset – Lock Case marked MC
    Product code SPL004 = 24.0mm Backset – Lock Case marked MF
    Product code SPL005 = 28.0mm Backset – Lock Case marked MD

  • This Fuhr white sliding patio door handle (Euro cylinder above Handle) is for upvc sliding patio doors.
    In our secondary picture the old version is shown. We no longer stock the old version of the handle.If you have any questions about this then please call us.

  • This Nitelock silver sliding patio door lock is flush fitting and has an integral recessed pull handle and a triangular hook keep. This patio door lock and handle are supplied with lock cylinder and two keys and is used as a sliding patio door lock and handle. It’s 188mm long and 23mm wide and the screw centres are 167mm apart.

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  • 2m Long 4-6mm Glass
  • 2m long 8mm Glass
  • 3-4mm
  • 3-4mmx225m
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  • 4-5mmx200m
  • 5 x 15mm
  • 5 x 25mm
  • 5 x 40mm
  • 5-6mm
  • 5-6mmx150m
  • 5.5-7mm
  • 5.5-7mmx75m
  • 8mm Bore x 1500mm
  • 10 x 16 x 40mm
  • 13mm wide x 53mm long x 11mm height
  • 16x49x9
  • 18x145
  • 20x89x15
  • 20x127x8
  • 23x54x12
  • 30x49x9
  • 30x202x5
  • 42x55x12
  • 45x45x23mm
  • 50 x 16mm
  • 54 x 32mm
  • 57 x 22mm Lock 57 x 22mm Keep
  • 60 x 12mm
  • 65 x 28mm Lock 65 x 8mm Keep
  • 68 x 29mm Lock 68 x 17mm Keep
  • 70 x 12mm
  • 83x30x28mm
  • 100mm
  • 102 x 12mm
  • 135 x17mm
  • 188 x 23mm
  • 208 x 31.5mm
  • 208 x 34.5mm
  • 208 x 38.5mm
  • 208 x 40mm
  • 208 x 44mm
  • 1415 x 20mm
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