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  • Schlegal Patio Door Lock 2 x Mushrooms Case Only Marked MF
    Schlegal Patio Door Lock Case
    Lock Operation
    Round pin on lock case depresses when it hits the striker plate on the frame, this allows the handle lever to be lifted. Lifting of the handle moves the two mushroom shaped bolts , this engages the mushroom bolts into the keep on the frame. Turn the key to complete locking of the door. Opening is the lock is the reverse.
    Each lock case is supplied with two mushroom pins
    Lock Identification
    Each lock case has letters stamped on the side. This determines the back set size of the lock case. Please see below.
    Product code SPL001 = 15.5mm Backset – Lock Case marked MA
    Product code SPL002 = 18.5mm Backset – Lock Case marked MB
    Product code SPL003 = 22.5mm Backset – Lock Case marked MC
    Product code SPL004 = 24.0mm Backset – Lock Case marked MF
    Product code SPL005 = 28.0mm Backset – Lock Case marked MD
    Lock is used in conjunction with Schlegal Black ABS Patio door handles Product code SPH001.

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