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Spilt Spindles

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  • 116mm Long. For use on door locks where the outside and inside handle operate independently of each other and there is only one spindle hole. Split Spindle, Male (inside handle) and Female (outside handle), Complete With Springs. The springs engage each side of the spindle into the lock body. Without the springs on a split spindle lock it is possible that the spindles may retract into the handles. This could render you locked out if it happened to the outside handle.

    If your front door is multipoint locking and has a split spindle it means that when you leave the house and close the door behind you, you will need a key to get back inside. Your outside handle will not operate the latch bolt which is on the centre of your multipoint lock.

    1) Outside: Your key is the only way back in!!!
    When you unlock the door with the key, it will retract the latch bolt and you can then re enter the premises. If your door seals very tightly it may be necessary to pull the handle towards yourself and then turn the key, and then push door will open.
    2) Inside: Just use the handle
    The internal handle will retract the latch when pushed downwards.

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