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  • Saracen roller locking window mechanism. Old style Saracen Gearbox (Works in conjunction with shoot bolt rods)
    The Saracen Roller Bolt on the gear box is 9.5 mm in height from the shoulder below. Product code ERG001

    The sequence for removal of a gearbox from a window is as follows:
    1 Remove the corner brackets on the window sash, found where the shoot bolts protrude. You cannot remove the shoot bolt rods before taking off the corner brackets.
    2 Unscrew the shoot bolt rods in an anti clockwise direction until they come free from the gearbox and slide out of the window sash..
    3 Unscrew the screws from the window handle.
    4 withdraw the gearbox from the window sash
    Once the handle has been removed and the shoot bolts rods unscrewed, the gearbox can be removed from the window and replaced.
    Installation involves doing the above sequence in reverse

    If the sequence is not followed the gearbox and a rod or both rods can become embedded within the window making extraction of gear box more difficult.

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