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  • 16mm Backset x 400mm Long Window Espag Lock Offset faceplate, Cranked Faceplate, Bent Faceplate, Kinked faceplate

    Basta Swing Replacement 16mm Backset Window Espag Lock with cranked or offset faceplate. 13mm Faceplate width is shown at the top and the old lock it replaces is shown at the bottom of the main picture.

    Replacement for old style cranked faceplate window espags where the depth of profile is shallow and a very small backset is required. This avoids having to replace the locking mechanism with cockspur handles.

    A small amount of work may have to be done to fit the replacement.
    1) Repositioning keeps on frame to match new window espag locking mechanism will be neccessary.
    2) Gearbox hole in window may have to widened slightly using a file.

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